Getting Jobs- How to write a powerful personal statement

A personal statement is like a sales pitch for an individual because you are basically selling yourself to the reader. It appears on your CV as well as your academic papers and good for anyone looking for Jobs in Zambia or any other place in the world. It summarizes your skills, competences, experiences which are more relevant to the position you are applying for. Since you are sending in your resume alongside many others, how do you ensure that your personal statement is unique and stands out of millions? Here are a few tips.

Should be brief; your personal statement should be brief, do not make it so long to fill half a page or too short that you do yourself an injustice with the interviewer. Consider not exceeding 500 words and not less than 100 words. Remember, it is a statement, not a cover letter.

State who you are; if you are applying for a job, state which profession you are in, say public relations or medicine or healthcare. This should be in the opening of the paragraph such that it is clearly stated what you intend to do and grow your career from.

What you are offering; being a doctor who doesn’t have prior experience in a health care setting is equivalent to having a journalist who has never stepped in a newsroom, you lack experience. Therefore stating what sets you apart, is important. It could a technical skill, technology related skill, the amount of years you have been working or better still, the fact that you belong to a professional body would an added advantage. Certain job descriptions have a section of added advantage areas, you could look at these and craft your statement stating which you possess.

Career goals; some people want a change of careers or employment, stating it in your personal statement could save you a lot of trouble. Be clear about what you want to achieve and show that you are willing to give it a try at this particular company.

Be sure to stick to one tense, that is if you start with present tense, make sure the entire statement is written in present tense, don’t go on changing it up. Give it a try and give us feedback on how you have transpired. Need more help? Do let us know.